Human Glycine a1 -- Gln 266

Human Gln 266 Mutations    
Rat Equivalent Gln 266 Mutations


Mouse Equivalent Gln 266 Mutations    




Milani N, Dalpra L, del Prete A, Zanini R, Larizza L (1996) A novel mutation (Gln266-->His) in the alpha 1 subunit of the inhibitory glycine-receptor gene (GLRA1) in hereditary hyperekplexia. American Journal of Human Gentetics 58(2):420-2


Moorhouse AJ, Jacques P, Barry PH, Schofield PR (1999) The startle disease mutation Q266H, in the second transmembrane domain of the human glycine receptor, impairs channel gating. Molecular Pharmacology 55(2):386-95

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