Human 5-HT3B -- Ser 156

Species Original Mutated to Mutation
Human Ser 156 Arg


Rat Equivalent Ser 152    
Mouse Equivalent Ser 152  





The 5-HT3B S156R mutant, a common polymorphism with high frequency for the minor allele, led to pronounced increases of 5-HT maximum response measured using Ca(^2+), without significantly altering 5-HT3A/B receptor surface expression levels. However, this mutation has yet to be associated with any diseases.

The mutant 5-HT3B S156R maximum 5-HT response was two times greater than the response in wild type receptors, with a maximum binding increase of only 13%. [The increased efficacy may be due to an effect on channel gating, or due to the kinetic properties, such as activation and desensitization rates.]


Walstab J, Hammer C, Bönisch H, Rappold G, Niesler B. (2008) Naturally occurring variants in the HTR3B gene significantly alter properties of human heteromeric 5-hydroxytryptamine-3A/B receptors. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 18(9):793-802

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