Human 5-HT3B -- Ala 223

Species Original Mutated to Mutation
Human Ala 223 Thr


Rat Equivalent Ala 129    
Mouse Equivalent Ala 129  





The 5-HT3B A223T mutation, a common polymorphism with high frequency for the minor allele, did not display changed pharmacological properties when compared to the wild type, and has yet to be associated with any diseases.

The mutant 5-HT3B A223T maximum 5-HT response was insignificantly reduced from the response in wild type receptors.

The A223T mutant showed no modification in receptor expression and function, so the maximum efficacy/maximum binding ratio was close to 1.


Walstab J, Hammer C, Bönisch H, Rappold G, Niesler B. (2008) Naturally occurring variants in the HTR3B gene significantly alter properties of human heteromeric 5-hydroxytryptamine-3A/B receptors. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 18(9):793-802

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