Human 5-HT3A -- Ser 248

Species Original Mutated to Mutation
Human Ser 248 Thr


Rat Equivalent Ser 247    
Mouse Equivalent Ser 253    


The kinetics of desensitization of the human and guinea pig 5-HT3A receptors were studied using the patch-clamp technique. The human 5-HT3A receptor desensitized more quickly than did the guinea pig 5-HT3A receptor. The cause of the different desensitization kinetics was determined by constructing chimeras of human and guinea pig 5-HT3A subunits. When the human 5-HT3A residue Ser248 was mutated to Thr, which is found in guinea pig, this resulted in slower desensitization of the human receptor.


Lobitz N,Gisselmann G,Hatt H and Wetzel CH (2001) A Single Amino-Acid in the TM1 Domin Is an Important Determinant of the Desensitization Kinetics of Recombinant Human and Guinea Pig alpha-Homomeric 5-Hydroxytryptamine Type 3 Receptors. Molecular Pharmacology 59:844-851


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